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Commemorating my beloved Grandparents with a Botanical Tattoo

IT’S BEEN A LONG YEAR Where I usually reserve the “blog” part of this website for more informative and joyful information I still though it good to share why there has been no new little nuggets on my life and FynBosch Design happenings. And of course I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing this whole […]

Local is lovely, Flesh flowers from Amsterdam

How amazing is is to be able to pluck your own flowers and make your own gorgeous bouquet. It’s pretty amazing if I have to say so myself. And recently thats just what my Mom, Lemon and I did at Lokale Bloemetjes in Amsterdam. It was a stunning sunny day that we visited this hidden […]

Fynbos – South Africa – Fine Bush

Our name FynBosch is inspired by the delicate South African flora of fynbos that locally grows there, in combination with our surname. Staying true to ourselves and our roots, where our greatest inspiration and love for beautiful things come from. Fynbos is one of South Africa’s most stunning regional vegetation, “Fyn” and “Bos” are Afrikaans […]