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Weaving with Memories

Weaving at Grandmas

Taking some time off to be at home with my Grandmother after our beloved Grandfather and her husband for 70 years peacefully passed away in his sleep a few weeks ago. I am truly grateful to be able to spend this important time with her in such a time of sadness and loss.

But in our joined sadness we are reunited in remembering the amazing and inspiring life he lived, and while remembering him I couldn’t resist making a special weave for my Grandmother with very old flowers my Grandfather must have gotten her before. I found these incredible dried Proteas in their house which have already turned the warmest of oranges and browns from the age and sunshine.

This quite sentimental Weaving piece is now hanging on the wall above the chair my Grandfather used to sit in every day. A bouquet from my Grandfather to my Grandmother now eternalised.


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