Delicate Dutch Blaassilene Wild Flora, Linen & Cashmere Weave



Forever Flora is a beautiful way to bring nature back into your home!

I collect delightful local growing flowers, grass and plants to hand weave them into one of a kind pieces that will last forever. Each piece is unique in flora, colour and design as I always try to match the feeling the natural plants give to immortalise them in the most natural possible way.

I use only natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool to best blend in with the flora.

plant: Silene vulgaris / Blaassilene

The size of this piece is : 13 x 28 cm

Each piece comes with a small, light and narrow wooden stick attached to the back for easy mounting on a wall.

The natural flora will eventually dry out, but remain beautiful and in position!

Gewicht1 kg

Roze, Wit

Bloem Oorsprong



Katoen, Linnen, Zijde





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