Inspired by nature, influenced by art and design, driven by balance, motivated in simplicity and sharing the tranquility of organic living; This is what moves me, Anneke Bosch to create.

Growing up in South Africa nature, colour and texture was a constant part of life. Where my childhood environment gave me the appreciation for the simple things that surround us everyday. The greenish yellow grasses where my feet are always at home, where insects buzzing are always life’s perfect background music, the delicate flora that provides secret homes for many fauna, a captivating world of colours and forms. A world of splendor is revealed when we open our eyes.

This sense I have taken trough out my life and try to exhibit in FynBosch Design. The name FynBosch is inspired by the delicate South African flora of fynbos that locally grows there, in combination with my surname. Staying true to myself, and roots where my greatest inspiration comes from.

Now situated in The Netherlands I collect wild flora locally or while traveling to create affordable organic art pieces. Bringing nature back into our homes. There is a fine balance in nature that I try to reflect in each individual piece. Using only natural materials and fibres like Mohair, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Bamboo and Silk. The flora itself is also kept natural, to reflect the fragility of life. Reminding us to focus on the raw beauty that surrounds us daily.

Every piece is influenced by nature’s abundance and lovingly created with exquisite attention to detail and patience.

Explore the FynBosch collection and find a piece that inspires you.

Anneke Bosch

Anneke Bosch is a South African Artist/ Poet with a background in Textile Art and Design.

She Graduated From the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2016 & Tswhane University of Technology in 2012

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