Small Botanical DIY Weaving Kit

The perfect mini gift for yourself or a friend & ideal for beginners or life long weavers alike! This small Botanical inspired DIY kit is made with beautiful natural art yarns and a little lazer cut frame that you can take anywhere. It comes with all the necessary tools & handwritten instructions to guide you through the process.

It’s also the perfect little present to send through the mailbox!

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Let nature inspire you.

Influenced by mother nature’s bountiful colour palettes using all natural yarns. Weave your own creation in a delicate wooden frame.

Natural Fibers

I love nature and I am are sure you do too! That is why I only use natural yarns made of organic materials like, wool, mohair, cotton, bamboo and silk for the Botanical DIY kits. Most of the natural fibers I use come from local companies in South Africa like Vinnis Colours, Nurturing Fibers, SAMIL and Adelés Mohair. And the occasional handmade yarn found while traveling abroad.

Botanical Illustrations

All of the Botanical DIY kits are based on Illustrations of the famous Belgian Botanical Painter  Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Creating one of a kind colour pallets truly made with the eye of mother nature."I believe I managed to succeed in the triple conjunction of exactitude, composition and colour, the union of which is the only means of bringing vegetal iconography to perfection" ​Pierre-Joseph Redouté 1817
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