Pressed Bridal Flowers

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I love receiving requests to frame pressed bridal bouquets. 

Preserving the flowers from your wedding day is a beautiful way to capture a cherished memory. I specialize in framing pressed bridal bouquets, using either your original wedding flowers or recreating the bouquet with the same blooms. With meticulous attention to detail, I strive to evoke the same joy you felt on your special day, ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

In addition to framed bouquets, I also create exquisite necklaces featuring your wedding flowers. These custom pieces allow you to carry a piece of your special day with you wherever you go. Each necklace is handcrafted with the utmost care, turning your cherished flowers into a timeless keepsake that celebrates your love and commitment. Whether displayed in a frame or worn close to your heart, these floral mementos are designed to be treasured forever.


Bridal memories

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Made to last

My style is mainly natural and ‘growing’ as seen with my other dried flower frames.
I do incorporate as many dried flowers as possible into the frame, while keeping a balanced design.

It is also possible to request custom floating necklaces with special flowers. Like this deep purple Orchid necklace specially requested by two granddaughters for their beloved Grandmothers 100th Birthday.


Pressed Bridal Flowers


At the moment I have two big frame options.
In white or wood. 27.5 x 35 cm large & 17 x 22 cm small. These can be seen at the dried flower frames.

It is important to keep in mind that the flowers get to me as fresh as possible. This is easily done with a Hydration chamber.

Hydration chamber
Do it yourself

Pressed flowers

Explore the joy of preserving your cherished flowers by using our DIY presses. Not only can you press your own special blooms, but we also offer necklace options to transform these pressed treasures into wearable keepsakes.

DIY presses