Fibre & Flora Woven Wall Art

The pride and joy of FynBosch Design is our Fibre & Flora woven wall art. Truly unique weavings made with responsibly foraged wild flowers and grasses from local areas. From South Africa to the Netherlands and everywhere in between.

Each piece is carefully designed and affectionately made to reflect the natural growing patterns and colour schemes of the flora and the environment it comes from. Using only natural materials and fibers like Mohair, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Bamboo and Silk to weave with.

These naturalistic affordable hand-made art pieces bring nature back into our homes. Anneke Bosch the creator of Fiber & Flora and owner of FynBosch Design tries to showcase the fine balance in nature and reflects it in each individual piece.

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Contemporary wall art featuring dried flower weavings infuses timeless beauty with modern flair, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to any space.

Custom Made Weaving

We truly believe in creating the perfect woven art piece for each home. That is why we not only have a wide variety of woven wall art to choose from but also love to hand make custom made weavings. Working together with your wishes we can design the ideal weaving to perfectly fit into your home. From choosing the colours and plants to textures and size. We would be overjoyed to create a dream artwork for you.


Natural Yarn

We love nature and we love all the resources she provides us with. Including natural fibers. Not only is it a renewable resource and completely biodegradable as benefit to the environment but it makes us feel closer to nature in the comfort of our own homes.  From Mohair, Wool, Alpaca, Cotton, Linen, Bamboo to Silk and Viscose we do our utter best to only work with these magnificent natural yarns.


Responsible Foraging

All our Fiber & Flora weaving are created with responsibly foraged wild flowers from all around the word. Never harming the habitat or ecosystem that the flora is found in, this is of the utmost importance to us. We want to share the beauty of mother nature with everyone but never at the cost of nature itself. Each flower is carefully selected and gathered by leaving the roots of the flora intact in the ground, never taking all of the flora from one spot, being mindful where we step and replanting where needed.



One of our absolute favourite flowers to work with! Fynbos. Fynbos is one of South Africa’s most stunning regional vegetation, “Fyn” and “Bos” are Afrikaans for “Fine” and “Bush”. The fynbos constitutes about 80% of the Cape floral kingdom. Proteas being the most famous plants in the fynbos family but definitely not the only one we love to work with. Fynbos is a hardy, versatile and evergreen shrub that is well known for its exceptional degree of biodiversity. A fantastic favourite foliage to create our stunning Fiber & Flora weaves and Floral Brooches with.

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