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South African Imfibinga / Zulu Beads Seed Weave


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Part of the series Ekhaya – Home.

Ekhaya is a series of woven artworks made with organic elements and natural yarn by Bosch, a born South African who explores her identity and connection to her homeland. The title of the series comes from the Xhosa word for home, one of the eleven official languages of South Africa. It also contains the Afrikaans word ek, meaning me or I, another official language of the country. Bosch uses these linguistic references in all the titles of this series to express her personal and cultural roots, as well as the diversity and complexity of South African society.

These Imfibinga seeds hold strong memories for Bosch. As these Zulu beads are a constant familiarity in South Africa. From seeing them sold by female street vendors at any vacation area to seeing them used as teethers for babies. A element that instantly transforms Bosch back to South Africa. Just as these beads are often used for dream interpretations and spiritual practices, they hold a deep innate significance to her and many other South Africans.

This piece is a delicate grey & brown weaving made with undyed Silk, South African Mohair, Cashmere and Cotton. Combined with local Imfibinga beads/ seeds carefully hand stitched on the piece.

Each art piece comes with a certificate of authentication.  Depicting all details about the weaving, from where the natural elements come from to the natural fibers used, the date created and a signature.

The size of this piece is : 31.5 x 50 cm

Weight 1 kg
Flora Origin

South Africa


Brown, Gray


Cashmere, Cotton, Mohair, Silk

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