There is a fine balance in nature that Bosch tries to reflect in all her work. Using only natural materials, fibres & dried flowers to reflect the fragility of life.

Reminding us to embrace the raw beauty that surrounds us daily.

About Anneke

Raised in the vibrant and colourful South Africa, Bosch is a textile artist and often poet who seeks the raw beauty of nature and humanity in her work. She experiments with various techniques and materials, such as weaving, dyeing, photography and embroidery, to create expressive and organic art pieces. 



Introducing a collection of intricately hand-woven pieces meticulously crafted from locally sourced flora, seamlessly intertwined with a selection of natural fibers including mohair, wool, cotton, linen, bamboo, and silk. Each creation is a testament to the inherent beauty of the regions from which the flora originates, celebrating nature’s exquisite tapestry.

For a sustainable and timeless interior