Dried Flowers

Flowers bring us the greatest joy! And that is why I love to work with Dried flowers as much as I can. I truly believe that dried flowers are a sustainable must have for any nature lovers interior. Always doing my best to gather & source all flora responsibly & organically respecting mother nature. I sell stunning loose dry flowers for you to create your very own master pieces as well as exquisite handmade make bouquets ready for your home. I also use our organic dried flowers in many of the the products such as; Fiber & Flora weaves, Flora Frames & Floating Necklaces. Using dried flower the possibilities are endless!Have a look at what inspires you;

Dried Flowers are Sustainable

If you love flowers as much as I do you know the struggle of trying to keep your fresh blooms alive as long as possible. That beautiful yellow Sunflower or those stunning white lilies just sadly won’t live forever. But luckily there is a solution! Dried flowers! These beauties can last years. And therefore are a wonderful and sustainable way of brightening up any space. Dried flowers are a easy, low maintenance and eco-friendly way to always have those stunning florals in your home.

Dried Flower Pricing

Every so often I get asked why my dried flower bouquet prices are so 'expensive'. WHY would anyone pay THIS much for just flowers? So I will try and explain why my bouquets are priced the way they are priced:

*All flora is responsibly sourced by hand in permitted areas from across the world.

*It takes time to collect and gather such a wide range of species to work with.

*I only use natural ingredients - never chemically treated unlike dried flowers from big companies.

*It takes time to dry and test if flowers will last for bouquets.

*The expertise and practise in arraigning with flowers.

*Dried flower bouquets last years where fresh flowers last only weeks.

*Every bouquet comes with hand written details on what flowers are used.

*Dried flowers are quite delicate and need more care and attention to work with.

*Every dried flower bouquet is carefully and safely packed to ensure safe arrival when shipped.

There for I strongly believe FynBosch Design Dried flowers are worth the investment. Go have a look, and see if you agree?


Botanical Interior

Bring nature back into your home with the naturalistic & authentic design of FynBosch. Each hand crafted product is made with and inspired by nature. From the responsibly sourced dried flowers, pressed flower frames, to the all natural yarns used to make our fiber & flora weaves. Creating a botanical interior has never been so easy, beautiful and sustainable.


Bespoke Dried Flower Arrangements

Creating bespoke arrangements is one of my most favourite things to do!

Are you looking for something in particular that you haven’t come across yet?  Specific flowers or a certain colour scheme? A very special custom dried flower bouquet? Or a very unique arrangement for a memorable event or occasion?

Look no further than FynBosch Design because I would love to hear all your wishes for a bespoke dried flower arrangement and make those ideas reality.


Ordering Dried Flowers

Who doesn’t love the ease of online shopping? I definitely do. And that is why I do my best to give you a wide range of products like lose Dried Flowers, Dried flower bouquets, Fiber & Flora weaves, Flora Frames, Floating Necklaces and many many more beautifully curated and handmade dried flower items. From the Netherlands to South Africa, I am inspired by beautiful mother nature. Creating the most beautiful combinations that are as varied as the natural world. Flowers are a way to bring a piece of nature into your home. I combine combinations of Protea, Pampas, Lavender and wild flowers and wild grasses in various bouquets. You can now also buy dried flowers separately from me online. So if you want to buy dried flowers, think of FynBosch Design!


Shipping of Dried Flowers

Every order of dried flowers is carefully packaged to ensure a safe delivery. The Dried Flower Bouquets are shipped with recycled packaging material. Giving mother nature a hand where I can.


Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A moment to cherish and remember forever. One of the most beautiful ways to cherish that significant time is to dry your bridal bouquet. But you could also start with dried flowers instead of drying you fresh cut florals afterwards. A everlasting bridal bouquet made with dried flowers is extremely sustainable, durable and gorgeous. The possibilities in flowers are endless and create a timeless elegant look. Create your own beautiful bridal bouquet with the loose dried flowers or let me help you with a bespoke dried flower bouquet from the FynBosch Design Atelier.

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