Mailbox Gifts

Everybody loves getting mail. Especially if the mail is a unsuspected little present! Let the people you love know that you are thinking of them with the specially selected collection of FynBosch Design mailbox gifts. Especially in times where we can’t see each other in person it is important to reach out & show appreciation to each other.

Each item in the mailbox gift range is carefully selected to bring the most joy in the smallest package. We offer a wide selection of gifts suitable for any occasion like; small DIY packets, floating necklaces, mini dried flower bouquets, accessories, brooches, air-plants and more.

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Compact & delightful FynBosch goodies that fit right through the mailbox!
The perfect little present to send via mail without the hassle of having to be home.

Posting Letterbox Gifts

The perfect gift to send without the hassle of arranging a delivery time. A letterbox gift can easily just be dropped through the mailbox by the mailman/woman. It is a cheap and easy way to bring a smile to someone special.

And just because its small doesn’t mean it needs to be a trivial gift. The FynBosch Design Mailbox gift collection has a wide variety of options to choose from. And since you don’t need to spend allot on the shipping costs you can spend more on the item!

Flowers through the Mailbox

Flower mail is a lovely way of adding a little colour & texture to your interior with minimal effort. It sounds a little strange but dried flowers through the mailbox is a rather sustainable manner of decorating or sending a gift. We create beautiful mini dried flower bouquets that fit perfectly through a mailbox. Saving you post cost, time & effort. Have a look at our dried flower selection or email us for a custom design!

Gifts for Her

Whether you're shopping for a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or just to show her some appreciation, FynBosch Design has what you need! We offer a wide range of remarkable handmade items perfect for any occasion. From unique home décor, accessories, DIY kits to exceptional dried flowers and everything in between. The perfect mailbox gifts for a little surprise or something bigger to really amaze her. Have a look at what  gift you would like to give her.

Mother’s Day Gift

Every day is a day to be thankful and show your mother a bit of love. But mother’s day is the one day a year you get to do a little extra. And extra doesn’t need to be big. A almost effortless way to show your appreciation is with sending a little gift in the mail! The perfect way to give mom a smile. Send her a mini dried flower bouquet, a floating dried flower necklace, a little DIY kit to entertain her, a delicate handmade brooch or any of our many unique mailbox gifts.

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