Framed Dried Flowers

Only the most beautiful hand-picked flora, grasses and foliage from local areas are used to create these charming dried flower frames. Carefully pressed for a couple of weeks to ensure the natural drying process is completed before they are eternally displayed in their natural state. These floating wood and glass frames capture seasonal wild flowers indefinitely in time. All flora is mindfully arranged to create one of a kind floral art pieces that represent the natural growth pattern of the flora. Each dried flower frame arrangement comes with a label on where and when the flora has been collected. Available in both small and big dried flower frames.I also adore creating custom dried flower frames! For those significant flowers that have a special place in your life, making them last forever. Bridal bouquets, anniversary or birthday flowers, that exceptional bloom you found in your garden or any florals of importance to you can be framed and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Spring Flowers

Ohh one of my absolute favourite seasons! Spring! Crocuses, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Fritillary, Pansies, Snow drops, Scilla and many more. Spring brings the most wonder Spring flowers and I would love to view them all year round. And now you can, with the beautiful pressed flowers in wooden frames. You can enjoy any flower for all the season at all times. I carefully press local wild flowers every year to preserve their beauty and create one of a kind frames.Let me know your favourite flower to cherish forever. I would love to create custom pressed flower frames for you to fulfil your wishes

Pressed Wedding Flowers

Capturing one your most memorable moments, your wedding can be done through preserving the flowers that you carried down the aisle. I love receiving requests to frame pressed bridal bouquets. Using the original wedding flowers or recreating the bouquet with the same flowers. I take the utmost care to bring you that spark of joy you had on your important day to enjoy forever.

Buy Dried Flower Frames

When you buy anything online it is important to know that the package will arrive in a good state. Especially when it comes to something fragile like our flower frames. I do my utmost best to package each and every dried flower frame safely. Using recycled materials, I save on extra packaging costs for you and I don’t waste the materials that are already made. Helping lessen our carbon footprint little by little.
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