Botanic Flower Seeds

Bring your Garden to life! With these delightful Botanic Flower seed mixes. A easy and glorious way to fill your garden with colour & fragrance. It’s as simple as just sowing these seeds in your garden or a pot filled with soil. You could also just lift a tile in your garden if you don’t have garden beds. Enjoy the most beautiful selection of flowers blooming from May till September. These mixes have a combination of more than 80 species of annual & perennial flowers. The perfect start to creating your very own pressed flowers for framing or dried flower bouquets.

You could choose from the Summer flower mix, Bee & Butterfly mix, Cutting flower mix, Rock Garden Mix or why bother choosing when you could have all four!

These flowers are filled with nectar & pollen to attract and feed the insects. A wonderful initiative for us to contribute to nature!

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Growing your own flowers

Growing your very own flowers from seeds can be an incredibly fulfilling activity. There are quite some health benefits from working in a garden. Gardening can build self-esteem, it reduces stress, burns a few calories, boosts your vitamin D, improves hand strength and makes you happy (scientifically proven)! The sowing of seeds is a relatively simple way of getting beautiful blooms with minimal effort. All you need to do is find some soil, rake the top layer a bit, scatter the seeds and keep them watered. Have a look at our Botanic Flowers Seed Mixes and see what blooms you can grow.

Butterflies & Bees

Don’t we all love a beautiful butterfly fluttering around in all their glory? Or the comforting sound of happy bees buzzing in the distance. All the happy vibes of summer and spring that nature brings. You could help mother nature out easily with sowing some seeds that produce lovely flowers for the insects to benefit from. All the of flowers of our Botanic seed mixtures produce lots of nectar and pollen. The nectar and pollen have many benefits for the insects and plants. From plant reproduction, protection for both plant and insect to food for both parties. Flowers and insects are both utterly unmissable in our eco system and we should do our best to assist nature where we can.

Summer Flowers

What makes summer one of our most favourite months? Long days, warm temperatures, blue skies, birds singing and of course the marvellous colours of summer flowers! We just adore the blooms of the Poppy, Nigella, Cornflower, Sunflower, Delphinium, Dahlia. Allium, Gladiolus, Daisies, Lily, Garden Rose, Marigold, Yarrow, Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Amaranth, Peony, Foxglove, Pansy, Lavender and so many more! With our glorious Summer flower seed mix a few of these beautiful blooms can grow in your own garden.

Buy Flower Seeds Online

Today it is extremely easy and helpful to buy your flower seeds online. Botanic Flowers have a wide range of seed mixes to choose from to comfortably create your ideal garden. We thoughtfully package the seeds in recycled boxes and ship them with the local post PostNL. The seeds are mailed with a track and trace number so you can follow your order until it’s delivered.

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