Pressed Flower Frames

Having natural elements in your home results in a more relaxing and stimulating atmosphere. Displaying one of mother nature’s most exquisite creations in beautiful glass and wood frames is a perfect way to bring those natural details back inside your home. Our bespoke range of pressed flower frames are all created with the utmost care and love. Resulting in timeless naturalistic pieces.

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Handmade Home décor

Adding some texture to your home can be the difference between nice home décor and amazing home styling. FynBosch Designs handmade home décor is the ideal addition to any area. Home or office. And as every item is handmade we can assure you that your chosen piece will be unique and beautiful just like anything in nature. We adore creating one of a kind artworks that can easily be displayed.

Treasured Memories

Pressing flowers is an age-old technique that is still very popular today. It is a sweet reminder of where you have been & what you have experienced in a gentle form. But your lovely pressed flowers don’t need to stay hidden away in that aged book of yours. You can easily exhibit them in one of our wonderful glass and wooden frames. We would love to help you create a  custom spectacular arrangement with your little treasured flowers or you could email us about the possibility of ordering a empty frame.

Wooden Frames

Wood is a timeless classic that instantly brings warmth to any space.  By displaying our pressed wild flowers in minimal wooden frames we create a truly natural look. Having the options of natural wood look or white wood makes our series of Dried flower frames ideal for any interior. Both wooden and white frames come in two sizes; big 27,5 x 35 cm or small 17 x 22 cm.

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