Pressed Wedding Flowers

Capturing one your most memorable moments, your wedding can be done through preserving the flowers that you carried down the aisle. I love receiving requests to frame pressed bridal bouquets. Using the original wedding flowers or recreating the bouquet with the same flowers. I take the utmost care to bring you that spark of joy you had on your important day to enjoy forever.

At the moment I have two big lists.
In white or wood. 27.5 x 35 cm large & 17 x 22 cm small. These can be seen at the dried flower frames.

My style is also mainly natural and ‘growing’ as seen with my other dried flower frames.
Of course I incorporate as many flowers as possible into the frame axis that fits and still fits nicely with the design.

It is important to keep in mind that the flowers end up with me as vars as possible. This is easy with a Hydration chamber.

If you have more questions, I’d love to hear from you!