Ocean Gradient Weave Set of 3


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These beautifully hand woven wall decoration were inspired by the oceans gradient I saw in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. All yarns used in each weave also come from Port Elizabeth and were made locally in South Africa.

I use only natural fibres such as mohair, raw silk, linen, bamboo and wool to best blend in with the natural atmosphere I try to recreate.

Set of 3.

The size of this pieces are aprox : 48 x 32 cm

Each piece also comes with a handwritten label on all information about the weave, from where the flora comes from to the natural fibers used.

* it is possible to order a custom size with the colours of the ocean gradient!*

**Or you could also send me a picture of the ocean gradient you would love to have recreated in a beautifully hand woven weave. **


Blue, Purple, White, Yellow

Flora Origin

South Africa


Bamboo, Cotton, Mohair, Wool

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