Wild Purple Grass Embroidery Hoop Brooch


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These delicate hand woven small wearable art brooches are made with all natural fibres such as Mohair, Wool, Cotton, Linen or Silk.

This brooch has a dried flower that comes from Uithoorn, Netherlands that is woven into the brooch.

Each piece also comes with a handwritten label on all information about the weave. From where the flora comes from to the natural fibres used.

The wearable flora art brooches come in beautiful narrow grey linen boxes. With the FynBosch logo and the info label on the inside.

Approximate size: 3,5 x 8 cm

Each Brooch is extremely fragile and not advised for daily wear.

Weight0.45 kg
Flora Origin

The Netherlands




Cotton, Mohair, Wool


Beige, Brown, Orange



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