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Yarn Yummyness

SAMIL sponsorship

& second hand findings at KOBOR

Recently I had the great privilege of being able to visit one of my favourite places right before the hugeness of the COVID 19 struck us all.

KOBOR. A old warehouse filled with old yarn from textile companies that have since stopped existing. It is truly a magical place, stuck between a feeling of a yarn graveyard & yarn Valhalla.

I stocked up on as much silk and gorgeous natural colour palettes I could fit into my bag. Not being able to resit a cone of glorious gold yarn I grabbed one of the now only synthetic yarns in my collection. Happy to be the new home for these long forgotten fibres.

ANOTHER huge blessing before the “lockdown times” was being contacted by one of my most loved and admired companies of South Africa, SAMIL. The most magnificent mohair manufacturer!

Driving through the Karoo in South Africa I have had the joy of spotting the striking Angora goats of SAMIL roaming around. I have for years now had the biggest fondness for the mohair that they produce locally in Port Elizabeth. Mohair of course being one of my favourite fibres to work with.

The lovely Nidele from SAMIL sent me a big box filled with a variety of marvelous mohair yarns. From raw greasy mohair, yarn silver, floral colour mohair balls to cones from Karoo oranges and stunning whites in all different textures. They truly produce an exquisite arrangement of yarns to fit any ones mohair needs!

So with our new quarantine friend the little SAMIL goat, let the serious weaving begin!

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