Please note due to my upcoming Wedding in SOUTH AFRICA the shop will be closed from 10 DECEMBER until FEBRUARY 2022.

New Website & Shop FynBosch Design – New Adventures

Hiii everyone! This has been the first day of my first Website & Shop ! I am more used to working with yarns and plants than websites but I have had so much fun styling and shaping the pages to the FynBosch style! I’m so thankful for all the help I received from my partner and sister.

Without their help I could not have managed to get through all the options, decisions and complexity. I chose for a relatively simple website look, although there were some quite tempting visual effects which were hard to resists. I hope you love the website & shop; and find some things you like in the shop. I will also keep you up-to-date with my latest creations and would love to hear back from you on any tips or questions you have.



A few behind the scene pictures of the FynBosch Team!

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